Crusher Hire: Coopers Crushing & Screening Services

Hire one of our high impact crushers for your next concrete crushing or brick crushing project – all crusher hire comes with a certified and trained operator.

Whatever your requirements, we are sure to have the right crusher for you.

Our Crushing Teams are the perfect solution to your concrete crushing, brick crushing and any rubble waste recycling projects.  With over 20 years of crushing experience our extensive knowledge gives us the skills and the ability to set up our plant to achieve the product sizes you require.

Using our equipment and different crushing and screening techniques, we can produce a range of crushed and screened products in an extremely efficient manner.

All crusher hire come with a licensed operator who is qualified to ensure maximum productivity and safety at all times.

To discuss the various crushing and screening hire packages and options we offer, please call Brian on 07725 836 888.


For all crushing enquiries and further information on Coopers Crushing & Screening speak to Brian today.

PHONE: +44 (0) 7725 836 888

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