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Crushing and Screening Services for Wolverhampton

Coopers Crushing & Screening are an established and trusted company providing crushing, screening, site clearance, muck away and aggregate production services to the construction and demolition industry.

We have a long history when it comes to crushing, screening and site clearance.  All of our operatives are highly skilled and trained and have tackled most jobs over the past few years, we find there is nothing that we are not equipped for.

We currently use McCloskey J45 Jaw Crushers in our crushing fleet and these have proved to be one of the best and most efficient crushers in use today. These Crushers are ideally suited to rough and harsh environments and perfect for Type 1 crushing applications.

We operate throughout the UK, our team can meet the tough demands of your concrete crushing project – please get in touch today to discuss your next project.

Wolverhampton Crushing and Screening Contractor

Coopers Crushing & Screening is a family run company specialising in concrete crushing, brick crushing and aggregate production.  Our highly skilled and trained operatives are proficient in demolition, site clearance and crushing services that deliver results and keep your project on track and within budget.

Crushing and Screening Services we provide include:-


For Wolverhampton crushing enquiries and further information on Coopers Crushing & Screening speak to us today.

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Coopers Crushing & Screening

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Wolverhampton Crushing and Screening Services

Wolverhampton Crusher Hire

Our Crushing Teams are the perfect solution to your concrete crushing, brick crushing and any rubble waste recycling projects. With over 20 years of crushing experience our extensive knowledge gives us the skills and the ability ot set up our plant to achieve the product sizes you require.

Using our equipment and different crushing and screening techniques, we can produce a range of crushed and screened products in an extremely efficient manner.

All crusher hire come with a licensed operator who is qualified to ensure maximum productivity and safety at all times.

Whatever your requirements, we are sure to have the right crusher for you.

Wolverhampton Site Clearance

We carry out commercial site clearance work throughout the UK, after the demolition there is always a large amount of unwanted construction waste that needs to be disposed of safely.

At Coopers Crushing & Screening we can provide a reliable and safe professional site clearance solution.  We have worked in the Waste Recycling industry for over 15 years and are well suited to dispose of all your waste including hazardous waste, in a safe and controlled manner.

Our teams are professional and trained and we understand how costly it is to remove your unwanted waste products and concrete and building rubble.  A great way to deal with this waste is to use our Crushing and Screening teams to produce aggregate from your waste that can be re-used for hardcore or aggregates of various sizes.

If you would like Coopers Crushing to take care of your complete demolition and site clearance project, then we would like to hear from you.

All site clearance solutions come with a licensed operator who is qualified to ensure maximum productivity and safety at all times.

Nationwide site clearance to get your site ready for the next project

Wolverhampton Muck Away / Bulk Excavation

When you need to flatten your site or prepare it for the next construction project and have bulk excavation that needs removed, our fleet of 8 wheeled tipper trucks are ready to help you.

Each tipper truck provides a muck away service removing 20 tons of earth at a time from your site and will quickly get it in shape ready for its next use.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of tipper drivers provide a high quality and efficient service, minimising your downtime and keeping your project on schedule and within budget.

So whether you need to distibute materials between sites and suppliers or your bulk excavation removed, our fleet of muck away tipper trucks can help you today.

 All site muck away / bulk excavation solutions come with a trained operator who is qualified to ensure maximum productivity and safety at all times.

8 wheeled tipper trucks removing 20 tons of your waste efficiently.

Crushing and Screening Contractor Servicing Wolverhampton

Coopers Crushing and Screening is a family run business that has been working on demolition, site clearance and concrete crushing projects for over 20 years.

We are centrally based in Rugeley, Staffordshire and our team have the man power and equipment to safely get your job completed on time.

We have an extensive range of equipment including Crushers, Screening Plant and Excavators all suited to efficiently deal with the toughest jobs and demanding site clearance projects.

If you require more information on concrete crushing, our available crushers or what aggregates we can produce please get in touch today.  You can also book a free site survey by filling in our online form.

Areas We Cover

Coopers Crushing and Screening are a well established nationwide company providing concrete crushing, site clearance and muck away services.  We operate throughout the UK and our teams provide you with a high quality relaible service for your next project.

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